More than 200 children from a northeast Calgary school spent the day learning how to prepare healthy meals and fight against childhood obesity.

The Junior League of Calgary’s Kids in the Kitchen program works with children and their families to teach them the importance of eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The program was started in Calgary nine years ago and organizers take it into schools once a year.

Students learn about making healthy choices and soon find out that healthy snacks are just as tasty as junk food.

Executive sous chef Will Kwong teaches the students how easy it is to make food that is not just healthy but also easy to prepare.

“That is 100 per cent the goal of the Kids in the Kitchen program, is to show them that there are healthy alternatives instead of just reaching for that bag of chips or those chocolate bars is that you can make a healthy smoothie, you can make a nice, quick, easy snack that’s healthy and it’s good for you,” said Kwong.

Along with nutrition and cooking classes the students are also introduced to different kinds of physical exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Click HERE, for more information on the Kids in the Kitchen program.

(With files from Bill Marks)