CALGARY -- New measures have been put into place in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, and that includes fining people for not practicing social distancing.

Two teenagers from Cochrane learned about the new rules the hard way, when they found themselves issued tickets worth $1200 each after an RCMP member said they were in violation of the Public Health Act.

A family friend, Scott Kerr, spoke on their behalf saying the two high school boys were in one vehicle in a parking lot when the officer approached them.

“I’m just a bit surprised they went to this length with this,"  said Keer. "A warning would’ve been more than sufficient."

After CTV spoke to Cochrane RCMP, Keer said both tickets were withdrawn.

A Cochrane RCMP spokesperson said their main role was to get people to comply and try to educate rather than enforce.

“There could be situations where we might have to enforce penalties when people aren’t adhering to that message, but we want to make sure these tickets are in the spirit of the legislation of what the government has laid out,” said Cpl Troy Savinkoff.

The province’s top doctor clarified Friday afternoon that carpooling in vehicles of any amount of people does not contravene any public health order that is in place.