Two Calgary sisters who work with rescue dogs from all over the world are asking for help finding a pooch that has been on the lam for the last two weeks.

Emily Tetrault and her sister Brittany Black help the animals get used to life in Calgary before finding families to adopt them.

A rescue from Thailand, two-year-old Lucy was the latest dog to arrive in March.

“Lucy came from a rabies scare where the Thai government just scooped up as many dogs as they could and had them in really horrible conditions, I think 90 per cent of them didn’t make it,” said Tetrault.

The sisters say at first Lucy was on edge in their northwest Calgary home but with lots of work and around the clock attention, the dog became playful and was ready for adoption.

Black says she introduced Lucy to a family and the dog really took to them, so they adopted her.

“Everything was going so well and then she just had some kind of trigger from her past and it was completely unexpected,” said Black.

Lucy got away from the family and for the last two weeks has been briefly spotted running free in both southwest and northwest parts of the city.

The dog went missing in Signal Hill, but has been spotted in several surrounding communities.

The sisters have put up posters with their phone numbers and are urging people to call them rather than try to capture Lucy if she is spotted.

“We really need people to let us know if they see her but do not approach her please, every time someone approaches her she’s just going to go farther and leave that area, we really need to find out where she’s settling down when she’s not on the move,” said Tetrault.

The two are hopeful to reunite Lucy with her adopted family as soon as possible.

More information on the search can be found online.