CALGARY -- Members of Rocky View County council are calling for the disqualification of Coun. Samanntha Wright, who they say has not paid her property tax in over two years.

According to Rocky View County officials, a special council meeting was held Monday night after it was determined that Wright was found to be in arrears in paying property tax for 2018 and 2019 . The discovery occurred during the annual process of registering tax recovery notifications for delinquent accounts.

The county says Wright currently owes $10,572.27 with consideration for late payment penalties.

Following a closed session, council requested that Wright tender her resignation by Jan. 28.

“These are serious matters, but there is also an issue of trust," said Rocky View County Reeve Greg Boehlke in a statement released Tuesday. "As councillors, we set tax rates and require property owners to pay for the many programs and services Rocky View County offers. We can’t maintain roads, offer fire and police protection, or provide recreation opportunities without these funds.

"For a councillor to take a salary from tax dollars while not paying their own property taxes for two years is deeply concerning."

Under Alberta's Municipal Government Act and Local Authorities Election Action, councillors are ineligible for office if their debt to the municipality exceed $50.