SAIT is celebrating its centennial this year and is revealing a new look to help it launch its second century in post-secondary education.

On Tuesday the post-secondary institution unveiled its new logo, which features five s-shaped connectors that represent its offerings and opportunities.

The school hopes to modernize SAIT’s identity and says the star that emerges from the interlocking infinity symbols, at the centre of the logo, reflects the institution’s passion for excellence.

“As we progress into our next century, the new brand story and visual identity represents both the present and future relationships SAIT has with our community — students, employees, alumni and partners around the globe,” said SAIT President and CEO, Dr. David Ross.

The last time the school changed its logo was in 1998 and since then it has built nine new buildings and seen an increase of 50 percent in full-time students.

After consultation, the school has also decided to drop polytechnic from its brand.

“One piece of overwhelming feedback was the understanding that SAIT offers a polytechnic education, but having the word in the name wasn’t necessary. We listened and the new brand reflects that,” said Carol Rogalski, Director of Marketing at SAIT.

The school will start using the logo on new initiatives on Tuesday and will roll it out to other areas as they end their life-cycle over the next two to three years.

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