CALGARY – Nationalizing bacon is a campaign promise from a federal party Canadians might consider if they don’t like the flavour of current politics.

The Rhinoceros Party has aimed to make Canadians laugh, while laughing at politicians since the party was founded in 1963.

Calgary Signal Hill candidate Christina Bassett and Rhino Party Leader Sébastien CoRhino stood on the Central Library steps in Calgary Tuesday to announce the party's new policies.

"We will build over 30 pipelines," said CoRhino adding this promise is open to more than the traditional oil and gas industry. "Any gas or any liquid you want to transport we will help you. A Rhino government will help you build a pipeline."

No need to wait if any delays arise in the construction of those pipelines, the Rhino Party promises to immediately ensure energy hangs over the heads of Canadians, literally.

"We’re going to purchase a fleet of blimps to harmlessly transfer millions of tons of crude oil across Canada," said Bassett.

The party pokes fun at important issues being discussed in federal politics and offers an almost credible alternative to voters either disillusioned by traditional parties or uninterested in politics. 

"What they do in Ottawa is important in our day-to-day life," said CoRhino. "With my joke platform, I try to bring people back to politics."

The Rhino Party has 40 candidates running in six provinces. If elected, they plan to break all of their promises including making "sorry" the new official motto of Canada.