CALGARY -- Since movie theatres across Alberta remain closed for the time being, some businesses are going back to the drive-in experience for moviegoers and they're paying off in a big way.

Lethbridge's Movie Mill received approval for drive-in shows in its parking lot and officials say the first three screenings were completely sold out.

On Thursday night, cars began to line up outside the business an hour before the movie started.

Admission is $40 per carload and that includes a family-sized bag of popcorn.

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Guests call the activity a welcome escape from the stress of the pandemic. They were also glad to have an evening out while following health guidelines at the same time.

"We haven't been up to much, due to COVID," said Leah Paul, a guest at the show. "So when we saw they were doing a drive-in movie, we were just excited to come out and do something fun together."

Curtis Quinton, who attended with his family, called it a "fantastic opportunity."

"It didn't matter what the movie was, honestly, but I thought it was quite funny it was Back To The Future, which is kind of appropriate because a lot of people have never been to a drive-in movie."

The owner of The Movie Mill says they're happy to be able to provide the experience to guests.

"This is just some little bit of normal and we feel so lucky to be a part of that," said Debra Binning.

calgary, alberta, drive-in, movie, film

The Movie Mill added another showing of The Princess Bride on Sunday night to accommodate for the vast interest.

The business also isn't the only drive-in theatre offering shows in southern Alberta.

Calgary's Grey Eagle Casino is also holding nightly shows, as is Canyon Meadows Cinemas.

For an experience outside the city, you can head to High River's Sunset Drive-In.