Dog owners on the Tsuu T’ina First Nation, southwest of Calgary, are being told to keep a collar on their dogs as a team is poised to sweep the community for strays.

Members have until Friday to get control of their dogs, because, starting Saturday, all stray animals will be removed.

The stray animals have been an issue on the reserve for quite some time.

They’re often seen wandering in packs and it’s gotten to the point of being a public safety issue.

Band council told their members about the plan in January, and gave them until Feb. 15 to chain up their own dogs or make sure they are confirmed as their personal property.

Members are also told to look for dogs that may be roaming or running packs.

The Animal Rescue Foundation will be helping round up the animals.

The dogs won’t be euthanized; the foundation plans to spay or neuter the animals and adopt them out.

The Foundation will be looking for more foster families and permanent homes.