Restless hours in an uncomfortable position have become a thing of the past for supporters and visitors, but not necessarily the mother, at the Rockyview General Hospital following the addition of 35 recliners.

The reclining chairs arrived in early March and were purchased for the post-partum unit through funds donated to the Calgary Health Trust’s grateful patient fund.

“It might seem like something that’s pretty simple,” said Calgary Health Trust’s Valerie Ball, “but it’s provided an enormous amount of care advancement for this unit in particular.”

Fathers and other caregivers have been permitted to spend the night in the room with the newborn and its mother to allow immediate bonding time. The new chairs allow the supporters an opportunity to be comfortable after the baby arrives.

“They’re not perfect like having an additional bed but they certainly do provide a lot more support and comfort to partners if they want to have, or support people, if they want to have a rest or a little break,” said Gillian McCann, the unit’s manager. “These small chairs make a big difference with having them stay overnight and support their partner and learn more about their baby before they go home.”

Kathryn Farrell gave birth to Jack, her first child, early Wednesday and her husband benefited from the recliner.

“(Jack) was born at 2:30 in the morning,” said Farrell. “To be able to have the chair to have my husband just stay and hangout and have a place for him to be has made a big difference.”

“It just makes the experience more comfortable.”