CALGARY -- A tornado touched down near Barnwell during storms that swept over southern Alberta on Saturday night, Environment Canada has confirmed.

Wind speed was estimated between 90 and 130 kilometres an hour when it touched down just before 8 p.m. Saturday, giving it a rating of EF-0.

No damage was reported from the tornado.

Barnwell is about 230 kilometres southeast of Calgary.

There were also reports that a tornado touched down in Calgary on Saturday, however that was found to be a funnel cloud, meaning it didn't reach the ground.

The series of storms saw wind, rain and hail devastate parts of northeast Calgary, causing damage to homes, businesses and vehicles estimated to be in the hundreds of millions or even more than $1 billion.

Anyone with photos of either is asked to email them to Environment Canada, or tweet them with the hastag #abstorm.

Severe weather can be reported anytime at 1-800-239-0484.