CALGARY -- Three grizzly bear cubs that were brought to the Calgary Zoo after their mother was shot by a hunter in the Crowsnest Pass have found a permanent home at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Calgary Zoo officials confirmed the bears, which are thought to now be about four to six months old, were moved last week.

"The grizzly bear triplets are adapting well to their new surroundings and are having fun discovering their new habitat. The zookeepers are enjoying caring for the curious cubs as they get to know each other," the Greater Vancouver Zoo said in a release.

"Grizzly bears stay with their mother for three years before heading out on their own so they will require special care over the next few years. The staff at the Greater Vancouver Zoo is prepared to provide them with the care they need."

An official announcement is scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

The cubs were brought to the Calgary Zoo in early May after being discovered by Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers in the Porcupine Hills area, about 150 kilometres south of Calgary.

A group of 73 scientists, wildlife conservationists and animal advocates had also sent an open letter to the Alberta government, urging it to rehabilitate the cubs so they can be released back into the wild.

Only a handful of grizzlies have been brought to the Calgary Zoo since 1966, with the most well-known being resident male Skoki, who was born in the Bow Valley and arrived at the zoo in 1996 after becoming habituated to humans.