CALGARY – Parts of downtown Calgary were closed Saturday afternoon following an incident in which an officer fired their gun and a bystander vehicle was crashed into by suspects who appeared to be fleeing police.

Two suspects—a 22-year-old man who was driving, and a 28-year-old female passenger—were taken to hospital in stable condition, Calgary Police Service said.

The incident happened in the area of 6 Avenue and 6 Street SW around 2:50 p.m.

According to CPS, officers were assisting a parade near 8 Avenue SW when a northbound vehicle on 6 Street turned east onto 8 Avenue around barriers.

Calgary police said the vehicle had turned towards the parade.

"Officers attempted to block the car with their patrol vehicle, at which point the suspect vehicle did a U-turn, attempting to flee.

"Officers engaged the vehicle and shots were fired," CPS said in a written statement, adding the officer is a 12-year-member of the force.

The shooting happened at 6 Avenue and 8 Street SW.

One witness told CTV News Calgary they saw an officer fire at least two shots.

According to CPS, the driver of the vehicle then continued towards 6 Avenue and 6 Street, where it crashed into a bystander vehicle and was stopped.

At the scene, a black car was seen with extensive damage to its front end.

Police later confirmed to media the licence plate and the vehicle were stolen in separate incidents.

A second witness said she saw the car speed through a red light and hit a van.

“The way the guy in the black car was doing a good speed—smash—dead on on the side of the van,” Bonita Vance recalled.

Both people in the stolen vehicle were taken into custody and to hospital in stable condition. Officials said they had been injured in the shooting.

The people inside the van were not hurt, CPS said. No pedestrians were hurt, either.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team will be investigating.

The nearby parade was an event to commemorate 80 years of service by a local battalion. The Freedom of the City Parade is held each year to memorialize the mobilization of the 1st Divisional Ammunition Company. The 41 Service Battalion marches from Calgary City Plaza to Mewata Armoury along Stephen Avenue.

"It is not yet known what the motivation for the near collision with the parade was," CPS said late-Saturday afternoon.

A Canadian Armed Forces spokesperson said the march was temporarily halted but did finish, and that some members were speaking to police.

CPS says it is working with "national security partners" but that "at this time, there is no indication of any links to extremist activity."

The area was expected to be closed to the public for some time longer.