New research from the University of Calgary determined the majority of patients suffering from a specific tear within their shoulder can be successfully treated without going under the knife.

The study of 100 patients who had torn their rotator cuff found that a non-operational approach garnered favourable results that lasted for up to five years in 75 per cent of the participants.

"Their shoulders felt better, move better, functioned better," said Dr. Richard Boorman, an orthopedic surgeon and the study's lead researcher. "They did not only not want surgery, they didn't need surgery."  

Dr. Boorman believes the use of specialized exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist could lead to long lasting benefits post-injury.

A free information session on shoulder pain will be held Monday, Sept. 23 from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre. For more details visit Shoulder Check: Causes and treatments for non-arthritic shoulder pain.