She’s worked in the dental industry for 40 years but finds that the past four helping kids with dental problems their parents couldn’t have otherwise afforded have been among the most rewarding.

Cindy Imler volunteers on the Dental Bus, just one of the services provided by the Alex, a charitable organization that focuses on health, housing and food programs for the city’s most vulnerable.

She says she loves the time she has spent with the organization.

“It’s the children and the bus itself is such a worthy cause. There is such a great need for it, especially now that fluoride isn’t in the water. So it’s just a privilege to be a part of the team and to be here and help the kids.”

Imler and Sylvia Armstrong were classmates in the SAIT Dental Program 40 years ago and have worked at the same dental practice for a number of years.

Armstrong also works with Imler on the Dental Bus and says she loves being part of a team with her.

“She’s just a lovely human being, very generous and kind and it shows in the way she deals with patients here and where we work together as well.”

Denise Kokaram, the lead of the dental program at the Alex, says having volunteers like Imler and Armstrong means a lot.

"Especially knowing how long they’ve been doing it; for forty years they’ve been doing this and they’re still as passionate today as they were then and coming on here at the end of a long day, I sometimes worry that it’s a long day, but everybody comes on and they’re energized and they’re smiling.”

She adds that the bus is always in need of more volunteers, including dentists, hygenists, assistants and front-end administrators.

Imler says the bus helps a lot of kids.

“What we’re dealing with is decay and abscessed teeth so these, a lot of these kids are in a lot of pain and the bus is here to help relieve that.”

For all Cindy Imler, assisted by Sylvia Armstrong, does to help kids in need, she is our Inspired Albertan this week.