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Vulcan RCMP to host impaired driving simulation to demonstrate consequences of drunk driving

(Supplied/RCMP) (Supplied/RCMP)

Vulcan RCMP are going to host an impaired driving simulation next week to alert residents to the consequences of drunk driving.

On June 6, Vulcan County Emergency Services will team up with Vulcan RCMP to present a demonstration at the Cultural Recreation Centre in town, with the intention of familiarizing residents with how first responders deal with collision scenes and investigations.

The event will include a video of a 911 call, followed by a live action demonstration.

Students will have the chance to witness fire, EMS, RCMP, Vulcan County peace officers, RCMP collision analysts, RCMP traffic services and HALO air ambulance response to the call, dealing with victims and processing the crime scene.

There will also be consultations with local partners AFAB Towing, Vulcan Funeral Home and the Town of Vulcan.

Following the demonstration, students will be debriefed by fire, RCMP and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

The day will conclude with a community open house at the Tri Services building in Vulcan.

According to the Vulcan County website, the event runs from noon to 2 p.m. Top Stories

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