A Calgary woman is warning others after the transit rider said a three-pronged fish hook ended up stuck in her leg during a ride on the CTrain.

Rochelle Beauregard hopped onto a northbound LRT at the Somerset/Bridlewood Station Saturday afternoon and shortly after sitting on one of the train’s benches, she felt something scratch her leg.

“I looked down and there was a small fishing hook stuck in the back of my leg,” Beauregard said. “It was actually stuck in my left leg and I had to pull it out.

Beauregard kept the fishing hook and says she showed it to a Calgary Transit official when she got off the train at Chinook station.

Calgary Transit did not respond to a request for comment.

The transit rider also filed a report with police. Calgary police confirm they’re aware of the incident and said there haven’t been any other similar reports, but encourage people to keep an eye out.

Beauregard said she believes someone purposely put the hook on the seat to try and cause an injury.

“The way the hook was sitting in the seat, there’s no way it could’ve been dropped. Someone had to have poked it into the seat,” Beauregard said. “It wasn’t an accident.”

Worried about a possible infection, the woman went for a tetanus shot as a precaution.

“It was a scary situation.” Beauregard said, adding that she now checks her seat before sitting down on a CTrain or bus.