CALGARY -- Hundreds of Calgary high schoolers spent some time with some professionals to learn more about what their futures have in store for them.

Junior Achievement, the world's largest non-governmental organization that helps to educate young people, held a special career fair in the City of Calgary on Friday.

Students who attended were able to meet with over 40 career mentors from a wide variety of professions.

Organizers say the event gives students a chance to take a vested interest in their own futures.

"We want them to explore the world of choices that are available to them and not just stick to one sector, we want them to go from medicine to pipe fitting" said Melissa From, president and CEO of JA Southern Alberta.

The World of Choices career forum exposes students to the community at large and helps develop the young women into future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

"It’s really important for young women to know that there is a lot of different options out there. There’s a lot of different careers that exist in this day and age and careers that are just coming into existence that young people are just not exposed to," said From.

Next year is the 10th anniversary of the event. If you would like to participate as a mentor or get your student involved, you can find information on JA Southern Alberta's website.