The four men looking to assume leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta met for their first debate of the campaign on Wednesday night.

Brian Jean, Jason Kenney, Jeff Callaway and Doug Schweitzer pulled no punches against each other in the discussion at the Bella Concert Hall at Mount Royal University.

Most of the questions concerned the economy, natural resources and Conservatism and most of the debate was civil, but not all of it.

“Brian, I know we had our disagreements on our executive committee. You interpreted our constitution that you had more power than the executive. I’ve got the minutes, you know,” said Callaway.

Aside from jabs, the candidates talked about not only what they would do as leader, but what they would do as Premier, since they believe the party has a strong chance to win in the next election.

Schweitzer says that to achieve that, the party needs to tear down the stereotypes about Conservative policies on social issues.

“We are speaking to the issues Albertans are looking for. We have a young province. If we can get these social issues right in the next campaign and focus on the economy, we’ve got a winning recipe.”

There are four more debates scheduled before the UCP chooses its next leader on October 26.