Brian Jean, one of the candidates for leadership of the United Conservative Party says it’s time for Alberta to make positive changes to health care wait times and pledges to work to improve health if elected.

Jean made the announcement at Calgary’s South Health Campus on Monday, saying that there should be an increased focus on strategies that won’t let patients wait for much-needed care.

He agreed with a recent auditor general’s report that additional funding won’t solve the problem and said that looking to other provinces may provide some insight on where to go next.

Jean said that the current system isn’t helping families and more needs to be done to empower patients to improve the system.

“It’s time for things to change. To make a health care system that puts the patient at the centre. We will make an immediate priority to improve wait times for Albertans by mimicking the very best practices from across Canada to reduce wait time here in Alberta.”

He also says he will be working to end ‘divorce by nursing home’.