CALGARY -- Parents and guardians in Alberta can now access a new online tool to apply for money to help offset the cost of paying for child care

The government introduced the online application system Tuesday that aims to make it easier for low-income families to apply for child care subsidies.

The site allows users to apply online, check their eligibility and how much they qualify for, from a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz says the website will mean less paperwork, emails and phone calls, allowing more time for staff to focus on supporting children and families.

"This is a common-sense and long overdue change to help parents get the support they need," said Schulz.

The application was launched in the fall and tested with front line service staff and Albertans, including Michelle Junio who says it’s made a big difference for her family.

"The new subsidy application is an easier and more convenient process and helps to lessen anxiety, stress and hassle."

The move is also part of the province’s ongoing efforts to reduce red tape.

In January, Alberta received its highest ever grade, a B-, for removing government regulations from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, up from the F grade it received over the past three years.