CALGARY – A 60-hour long hunger strike is underway in northeast Calgary, and at locations around the globe, as animal right supporters attempt to bring attention to the need for an animal bill of rights.

The group in Calgary has set up shop outside the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in the 1100 block of 57th Avenue Northeast and will continue to fast, and sleep on the ground, through Wednesday, October 2. The protesters say they will forego water for the final 36 hours of the strike.

The group says animals do not have appropriate legal protections and want to see their rights upheld.

"We want to see all animals of all species be free," said Alex Cuc, one of the Calgary protesters. "Not to be owned, not to be property. We want to see them free of exploitation and we also we want to see them have their rights defends in a  court of law."  

Protests are taking place at 14 locations in North America as well as locations in Europe, Africa and Asia. The demonstrations are in support of the adoption of Rose's Law, a universal animal bill of rights.

"It's time we stop defining animals by their usefulness to us and offer them protections offered to children, adults and all others here with us," said Trev Miller, an animal movement organizer.