Winsport is hosting the Canada Open Badminton championship. The competition involves 250 athletes from 34 countries. 

“It’s huge, particularly this year as it's right before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”  Says Alex Pang, Tournament Assistant for the Canada Open. 

“We have some of the best in the world.  We have some that are in the top 10, former Olympic gold medallists here, we have five former world number one ranked players here, they are all professionals and they are here to compete.” Said Pang. 

The players are trying to make the Olympics and like any sport, there is much dedication. 

“They always make it look so easy,” Pang said, “They’ve been training six hours a day for six days a week for their whole life. That is what you are watching out there, they make it look like an art, but they are working extremely hard all the time, its their life.”

The games are played from July 2-7.