CALGARY -- A Calgary man facing terrorism-related charges will find out if he’s granted bail next Thursday.

Hussein Sobhe Borhot, 34, is facing four charges dating back to a time between 2013 and 2014 he allegedly spent in Syria.

He appeared in Calgary provincial court Friday. The proceedings were protected by a publication ban.

RCMP say Borhot trained with terrorist organization the Islamic State (IS) and participated in a kidnapping while overseas.

He was arrested Monday in Calgary following what RCMP called an "extensive and complex national security investigation," which spanned seven years.

RCMP say between May 2013 and June 2014, Borhot travelled to Syria, enlisted with IS, received training and knowingly committed the offence of kidnapping.

Christian Leuprecht, a professor of law at Queen's University and the Royal Military College, told CTV News he believes this case will garner national attention.

"The Crown will want to send a message that if you go abroad, whether it’s for terrorist charges or other types of criminal offences, and you return to Canada … we will be able to convict you," Leuprecht said.

"This case will set a deterrent for others who might be thinking about traveling. The problem (of terrorist organizations recruiting) isn’t going away. We live in a globalized world, travel is cheap and it’s easy for people to spread their heinous bigotry and violent ideologies."