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Biologist calls for return of restrictions to Alberta as B.C. reintroduces pandemic measures


While health officials in British Columbia are taking emergency action as COVID-19 case numbers continue to climb, Alberta has made no changes to its health protocols amid a strengthening fourth wave.

Some of the pandemic numbers are comparably worse in Alberta over B.C.

According to data released Tuesday, Alberta added 629 new cases after about 6,000 tests while B.C. added 641 cases after almost double the number of tests.

Alberta currently has 7,931 active case while B.C. has 5,357

There are more Albertans being treated for COVID-19 in hospital with 258 patients compared to 138 British Columbians. However, there are 78 patients in B.C. intensive care units and 57 in Alberta's.


B.C. has reintroduced its mask mandate for all public indoor settings effective Wednesday.

The new rule applies to everyone over the age of 12 with a recommendation, not a requirement for children between the ages of two and 12. Previous health exemptions apply.

B.C. announced Monday that vaccination cards will be utilized for discretionary social settings like restaurants, casinos and shows, with the first phase of the plan slated to begin Sept. 13.

Alberta only requires masks on transit, taxis or health care settings.

Premier Jason Kenney has previous publicly stated he is not in favour of introducing vaccine passports.


Several Alberta scientists say the province of Alberta should bring back some restrictions.

University of Calgary developmental biologist and researcher Gosia Gasperowicz says, with the exception of the number of people dying, Alberta is in the worst wave since the onset of the pandemic in virtually all aspects.

Alberta's daily cases are doubling every 14 days and she predicts that, at this rate, Alberta will reach 2,000 daily cases by Sept. 11 and 4,000 daily cases by Sept. 25.

She also predicts that intensive care units in Alberta will reach patient capacity by the middle of next month.

Gasperowicz is calling on the government to bring back some health restrictions to prevent further deaths and severe outcomes or wait for certain metrics to get worse.

Alberta is expected to remove virtually all remaining measures in late September, a delay of the original plan to lift virtually all testing, tracing and isolating measures by Aug. 16.

There's been no word from the province on whether or not additional protocols will be put in place before then.

Alberta's next COVID-19 data release is expected Wednesday afternoon. Top Stories

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