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Calgarians go 'horns on' for former Albertan fighting terminal cancer


A group of West Hillhurst residents met on Saturday morning to take an inspirational photo for a friend in need. 

Corry James, who recently moved from Alberta, is in a long battle against cancer in Ontario. On Friday, James was told his time is limited. 

But despite the devastating prognosis, James has kept his fighting attitude. That attitude is especially apparent in a series of photos -- dubbed "Horns On" -- that James and his family and friends have created. The pictures all include a horn-like hand sign. 

Corry James

"It shows you're fighting with all your might," family friend Chris Koper said. 

Koper decided on Friday that she wanted to add to the album in a big way. 

So Saturday morning, the Calgarian gathered a small group to take a photo together. 

They're sending it to James with hopes their positivity will shine through. 

"It warms my heart to know that for a good cause, people will always come together," Koper told CTV News. "I thought about what a wonderful pick me up (it would be) for him if we could get the community to come out and take a group photo."

"This is not about cancer -- it's about love and inspiration." Top Stories

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