CALGARY -- Hundreds of Calgarians showed up for a solidarity rally in support of India’s farmers Sunday afternoon.

Drivers waved flags and showed signs protesting new agriculture laws along Métis Trail, 88 Ave. NE and Stoney Trail.

Farmers from India’s Punjab region say three federal bills passed this autumn will hurt their livelihoods.

Calgary rally-goers say they’re concerned corporations will exploit agricultural workers and family farms under the new laws.

Sunday’s protestors would like to see Canada’s federal government do more. They believe their rally attendance shows people here want action.

“The support we’re getting is insane,” one organizer told CTV News. “We didn’t expect this big of a turn out. At the end of the day, caring about all of these things is just us as humans. If someone’s livelihood is being taken away, why would we not care about what’s happening?”

Similar demonstrations have erupted in several other Canadian cities, including Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Halifax, Toronto and Winnipeg.