CALGARY -- A Calgary mother is looking for answers and justice after she alleges police used excessive force arresting her son.

The incident happened on April 14, 2019 and footage captured by one officer’s body-worn camera shows the 16-year-old standing on the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. A moment later, the camera moves slightly, then the teen is grabbed by the officer, taken to the ground and held down by several officers.

The teen was charged and later convicted with assaulting a peace officer, but his mother alleges that police went too far and she thinks they need to be held accountable. She says her son was bloodied and bruised.

“I was mad. I was really upset that somebody could do that to another person. The names they called him, just how they acted, like, attacking another person,” she said.

CTV News is not identifying the mother or her son because he is a young offender.

The mother says she filed a complaint with the Calgary Police Service’s Professional Standards Section in April of 2019 and she believes the investigation has taken too long.

“I understand they have to go through the video and they have to do their stuff, but you can clearly see exactly what’s going on in that video,” she said.


Police acknowledge an investigation is ongoing.

“We are aware of the incident and a complaint has been made against the officers involved, which we are investigating,” reads a statement from the Calgary Police Service.

“To allow for a fair and unbiased investigation, we are unable to comment further until the investigation is complete.”

Last year, 1,256 new Professional Standards Section files were opened within the Calgary Police Service. That includes all complaints launched by citizens and from within the force.