A pilot with a Canadian organization that specializes in overseas mission aid work was surprised when he was called to fly a young couple and their conjoined twins out of a remote village in Congo.

In August, Claudine Mukhena gave birth to twin girls who were joined at the abdomen. She gave birth to the babies naturally without any help and then drove hundreds of kilometres by motorcycle to find a doctor to help them.

That’s where Calgary native and Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada (MAF) pilot Brett Reierson came in, flying the family to hospital so doctors could begin the fragile procedure of separating the girls who were just nine days old.

Three months later, the girls have been released from hospital and returned home just a few days ago.

Reierson says the whole experience was very rewarding.

“It was a super neat opportunity for her to share that experience with me, so that was really fun and to be able to offer this flight for this family.”

His employer, MAF, is based in Guelph, Ontarion and flies in 26 developing countries around the world, ferrying food, medicine and the sick.

Reierson was trained at a small uncontrolled airfield in Three Hills, Alberta.

For more information on MAF, visit the group's official website.

(With files from Bill Macfarlane)