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Calgary police, humane society seize 42 animals in northeast Calgary


Calgary police and the Calgary Humane Society have launched a joint investigation after seizing 42 animals from a property in the city's northeast  Friday morning.

According to a summons on site, five goats, four sheep, one cow, 30 chickens and two cats were removed from the property.

Reasons for the seizure ranged from deprival of adequate food, water and shelter to overall neglect.

Officers were called to the location on 52 Street N.E. just north of Stoney Trail at 10:15 Friday morning in response to an animal-related complaint.

There, they discovered a settlement of some kind, and several makeshift shelters, but it didn't look like anyone lives there, police said.

Several neighbours confirmed to CTV News that they've spotted sheep in the camp.

It's unclear who the camp belongs to and what they were doing with livestock.

Police and the humane society continue their investigation.

This is a developing story that will be updated as more information comes available. Top Stories

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