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Calgary's forecast: heat warning, storm watches Thursday evening


AFTERNOON UPDATE: Lots to cover for this one. First: the record high for today is 32.2 C; this was set in both 1906 and 1939. At 1300 hours, we reached 30.7 C; not terribly far off.

Second, here's the earlier Tweet I put out:

As of 15:00, no severe warnings have been issued. Yesterday on CTV News at 6, I put the chips down on these storms being more broken-up than some models were displaying... so far, so good.

The heat warnings aren't going anywhere for a while, yet... the new five-day below backs that up.

MORNING EDITION: Heat warnings continue, and today offer a chance to generate a series of thunderstorms, which will roll off of the foothills and produce discreet pockets of instability, few of which may become severe locally. Along the development zone, these storms will push through in a hurry, should they occur.

Precipitation will be light in these areas, which doesn’t bode well for the outdoorsy folks reading this – the campfire may be a tough sell at a number of parks this weekend in the wake of our current fire ban picture in the province:

Alberta bans as of Aug. 11, 2022. This is only going to get worse, factoring for the warm, dry spell carrying through our five day forecast.

Friday will also offer a chance of showers baked into a risk of thunderstorms. At most, five millimetres of rain exists in the forecast. There’s a slight chance that these storms also become severe as they roll free of the Rockies.

After that, we rise up into the ridge and become cloudless, save for the potential layer of smoke. Air quality in Calgary ranges between a three and a four at the moment, with our particulate matter above the 12 parts-per-million in most areas; that 12 is the threshold from which smoke can affect us. It will remain a factor for the coming days.

Your five day forecast:


Evening: some cloud, low 14 C


Mainly sunny, chance of showers, thundershowers

Daytime high: 30 C

Evening: risk of showers early, low 15 C



Daytime high: 31 C

Evening: clear, low 14 C



Daytime high: 27 C

Evening: clear, low 13 C



Daytime high: 28 C

Evening: clear, low 14 C



Daytime high: 29 C

Evening: clear, low 13 C

Mary near Millarville was feelin’ this sunset yesterday! A glorious shot for the pic of the day.


CTV Calgary's weather picture of the day for Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. (Mary) Submit your weather photos here to see them featured in our article, and perhaps even as the pic of the day during our news at six! You can also share on Twitter, or to our Instagram at @CTVCalgaryWeather. Top Stories

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