CALGARY -- A Calgary family who lost their home to a house fire last May have received a replacement for a treasured item damaged in the blaze.

A signed Team Canada Sidney Crosby jersey was given to Hudson Matheson last Saturday after losing a similar one in the incident.

The blaze tore through the family's home, causing extensive damage. Images taken after the fire showed the slightly damaged Crosby jersey still hanging on the wall.

Calgary Northstars president Amy Jepson and Chris Leinweber, one of Hudson's coaches, jumped at the chance to do something for the teen.

"I shared the story with him and he said, 'Let me try to get a replacement jersey,'" Jepson said. "He reached out to some of his contacts he knew from years past and through a couple folks, he got to Sidney Crosby."

"There were no requests for any specific jersey, the cool part is that Crosby had already seen it on the news," Leinweber said.

Crosby had seen the Matheson's story on social media and jumped at the chance to sign a jersey for Hudson. In the message, he wrote, "To Hudson, all the best, your friend, Sidney Crosby."

Jepson said Calgary's hockey community came together with an outpouring of support.

"When things like this happen, it's not just about the sport," Jepson said. "It's community, friends, family, lifelong friends."

"This was about making him and his family happy," Leinweber added, "The hockey world is bigger than the game."