The Calgary Tower could remain closed for weeks - even months - following a July elevator scare that snapped cables and sent eight passengers plunging several stories, along with the tower's summer revenue stream.

When asked about the state of the elevator repairs, a spokesperson for Aspen Properties - the company that owns the Calgary landmark - said only that “We do not yet have an update.”

But elevators are governed by a provincial body - Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Ride Safety Association - which said in a statement that the elevator is still in the same position it was at the time of the July 12 rescue, “in the area of the elevator shaft that is not (easily) accessible.”

Aspen Properties' website says 300,000 people visit the tower each year, paying for tickets, visiting the two restaurants and the gift shop. The closure during the busy summer season has to be costly.

On Thursday morning, a steady stream of tourists could be seen checking the locked doors - only to turn away and look for other Calgary attractions to fill their holidays with.

Two former employees have contacted CTV Calgary independently, saying elevator problems go back half a decade, to at least 2014.