Calgary police say that a 42-year-old man has been charged in connection with the infamous ‘Canada Creep’ Twitter account that posted hundreds of images of women without their knowledge.

Jeffrey Robert Williamson is facing three counts each of voyeurism and publication of voyeuristic recordings, but police say as the investigation progresses, more charges could be laid.

Hundreds of thousands of images were found on multiple computers, storage devices and other electronics that were seized from a home in southeast Calgary.

Police say they are going through all the data seized to identify victims and determine if more charges need to be laid.

Authorities were first alerted to the ‘Canada Creep’ Twitter account on Monday by a member of the public.

The account, that had been operating for nearly a year and had over 16,000 followers, was shut down soon afterwards.

In addition to the hundreds of images of unsuspecting women, some of the videos on the account were shot up some women’s skirts.

“It’s extremely disturbing that anyone would think that this isn’t across the line or illegal behaviour. I know the public sentiment that we’re seeing around this case alone is a lot of people upset about the objectifying of women on this page. Whether their image constitutes us being able to lay a criminal offence, it’s still objectification of women and people which is wrong,” said Staff Sergeant Cory Dayley with the CPS cyber/forensics unit.

Police are asking anyone who believes they were recorded to come forward and speak with police.

Williamson appeared in court on Thursday via CCTV and was granted bail under the following conditions:

  • Banned from the downtown core except for court appearances or with written permission
  • Banned from devices capable of accessing the Internet, texting or taking photos
  • Not allowed to leave Alberta

His next appearance is on July 24.