Cyclists, joggers and walkers will have a new way to access the pathway system of North Glenmore Park.   

The City of Calgary has announced a realignment plan agreement with Earl Grey Golf Club which will allow the city to construct a pathway along the crest of the cliff overlooking the Glenmore Reservoir.

The pathway link will extend from the top of the hill behind the Glenmore Canoe and Rowing Club to the west end of the Glenmore Trail Causeway.

A small area of city green space will be supplied to the owners of the golf course in exchange for the proposed area for pathway construction.

Construction on the link is set to begin in fall of 2017.  When the path is complete, the entire perimeter of the Glenmore Reservoir will be accessible to Calgarians.

“We are meeting the needs and desires of Calgarians by completing this missing link in the regional pathway,” says Anne Charlton, Director of Parks. “In addition to connecting pathways and communities, this new pathway will give our citizens the opportunity to connect with the landscape and the beauty of this important water resource within our city.”

For more information on the project, and to view a map of the proposed Glenmore Reservoir Regional Pathway link and the land being transferred to the Ear Grey Golf Club, visit the City’s Pathway Improvements site.