CALGARY -- Fourteen days after the snow stopped falling, some Calgarians are still struggling to get vehicles out of driveways and off side streets.

Residents in the northwest community of Royal Oak are not alone in asking the city for help in clearing up.

"It's a mess," said Bob Knight, hours after a plow carved a single lane in his quiet street.

"It was better before they come and plow it. Now I have to dig myself out."

Another neighbour, speaking before the latest cleanup, says it’s an ongoing problem most winters.

"It's never-ending, pushing cars out of ditches and trying to get them to go," said Brian Kaiser.

"Calls have been put into the city and they're not too interested."

Sometime after the dump of snow that ended Dec. 23, someone spray painted 'Plow our Roads' in two places along the retaining wall at 24th Avenue and Crowchild Trail N.W.

The city says it understands the frustration, but the cost of removing snow from the entire city after major snow events would take up more than a quarter of the annual snow budget.

“Our estimates for removing snow around the city is somewhere around $13 million,” said Roads Dept. spokesperson Chris McGeachy.

“That’s a big part of our $40-million annual budget for snow."

The City of Calgary estimates it has one piece of snow clearing equipment for every 57 kilometres of road.