CALGARY -- Calgary patios are showing signs of half-filled life, now that they've been allowed to reopen, but Tuesday questions were being asked about who, exactly, Calgarians are allowed to sit on the patios of the city's restaurants and pubs with.

That's because Tuesday the mayor said eating out with anyone who's not family, or in your cohort bubble, is breaking the rules - unless you keep your distance during dinner.

"Restaurants are not exempt from the rule that if you're meeting anyone other than your cohort, you have to stay two metres apart," Nenshi said.

But upon closer look, that's not exactly how the rules are written.

In a statement to CTV News, Alberta Health officials said there is no mandatory restriction on who can sit at a table.

Naheed Nenshi

"Although it is recommended," the statement said, "you dine with those in your household, we cannot regulate every facet of Albertans' lives."

Trolley 5 on 17th avenue has been busy since reopening Monday, where owner Ernie Tsu said they have followed the seating and spacing guidelines issued by Alberta Health.

"It was made very clear to us that from Dr. Deena Hinshaw that people from other households could (eat and drink together), and we just can't police it," he said.

Tsu said the mixed messaging could have a negative impact just when the restaurant industry in the city needs a boost.

"I see where his (Nenshi's) concerns are," he said, "but at the end of the day, we should be supporting what the provincial government has come forward with."