CALGARY -- The cougar seen roaming around the Town of Banff displaying aggressive behaviour has been euthanized by parks Canada wildlife officials.

On Jan. 13, officials responded to a report of a cougar sighting in Banff. Parks Canada said they tracked the cougar into a backyard of a home and after the cat made no attempt to flee, that's when it was tranquillized by officials.

A physical examination of the animal revealed the female cougar to be about eight years old, in poor health, and suffering from various injuries.

Parks Canada said in a release based on tracking and remote camera data they are confident this is the same cougar that displayed aggressive behaviour approaching a man and his dog in Banff on Jan. 10. 

The cougar was spotted within the town over the past two days.

Wildlife officials said they reviewed all possible options for managing this incident.

“By hunting within the Town of Banff and showing aggressive behaviour to a person with an on-leash dog, the cougar's behaviour indicated it was becoming increasingly less wary of humans as its health deteriorated. After careful consideration, Parks Canada made the difficult decision to euthanize the animal, “officials said in the release. 

A cougar warning continues to be in effect for the Town of Banff and surrounding areas.

Parks Canada is asking the public to report all cougar sightings within the town to Banff dispatch at 403-762-1470.