CALGARY -- The Calgary Stampede, along with its rides, rodeo and fun, was cancelled this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Calgarians didn't miss out on the fireworks.

Bell Canada got together with Stampede officials to provide families with a little bit of the annual tradition with the Bell Fireworks Spectacular Friday night.

For many people who gathered to watch the show, it was a great opportunity to celebrate what would normally be the start of 10 days of fun in the city.

"I love the fact they're doing the fireworks – that's why we're here," said one woman. "We wanted to come see them. It's parade day and it should be celebrated."

"It gives everybody something to enjoy in this crappy time of year," said another spectator.

calgary stampede, fireworks, bell fireworks specta

A lot of people who gathered to watch the show said they're sad the Stampede won't be happening because of COVID-19.

"It's too bad it won't happen this year," one woman said. "(The fireworks) definitely helps. We were missing out on Canada Day so we're happy that at least now, some are happening."

But, for some people, there is one thing about the Stampede time of year that's more important than fireworks, food and fun.

"You still get to do family stuff," said one man. "Spending time with your family and your kids is very important, I believe."

calgary stampede, fireworks, bell fireworks specta

A second fireworks show is scheduled to take place on July 12, or what would have been the final day of the 2020 Calgary Stampede.