A Canadian energy company is donating dozens of LED light bulbs to non-profits to help them lower operational costs and the Calgary Food Bank was the recipient of a big donation on Tuesday.

Link Energy says lighting uses up a lot of resources for charities and one of the company’s goals is giving back to the community.

“We used to give cash and we sort of realized that we were selling a lot of LED lighting anyway and we had great access to great wholesale pricing and the expertise to audit the facility, figure out what it needs, put it in and we could end up saving, kind of, between $10 and $20 for every dollar invested, as well as time and carbon,” said Wayne Burke, CEO Link Energy.    

A crew from the company showed up at the Calgary Food Bank bright and early to switch out the old fluorescent tubes for 500, energy-efficient LED lights.

“The ability to have light bulbs donated means that we can put the money into making sure that we’re purchasing food items for our hampers,” said Shawna Ogston, Communications Calgary Food Bank.

The bulbs will last a lot longer and will save the Food Bank thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Link Energy plans a yearly donation of the bulbs to chosen charities based on the total energy consumption by customers who have signed up for energy plans.  

“Every single home we sign up, we put in one light bulb, so we've rounded off a lot of the math there, but on our website you can see the actual math behind our donation policy. It's driven by our top line revenue so rain or shine, profit, no profit, we make our donation, that's the concept behind Link Energy as a social enterprise,” said Burke.    

The company will do the same for Edmonton’s Food Bank and a crew is heading out to help them install the bulbs on Wednesday.

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