CALGARY -- Holly Ellsworth-Clark disappeared a day after calling her family frightened, and leaving her mother a voicemail saying she was on the run from two men.

The 27 year-old, Calgary-born musician was last seen on the afternoon of Jan. 11 in Hamilton, Ont., where she had been living since October.

Her parents and several friends have flown from Calgary to Hamilton to join the search.

"(We've) talked to the local people in Hamilton and (we) hear all the good things they have to say (about Holly)," said Tessa Gallinger, a friend of Holly's from Calgary. "The posters. The prayers (they send her way.)"

According to Hamilton police, Holly Ellsworth-Clark was distraught and not properly dressed for the winter weather and they are concerned for her well-being.

Family and friends say the behaviour is out of character for the sweet, outgoing young woman.

"She just garnered love where ever she went," said her dad Dave Clark. "So it all seems very sudden, very mysterious."

According to her Hamilton roommates, the night before she disappeared, Ellsworth-Clark broke into her room through a window, prompting them to call the EMS.

"It's totally consistent with someone trying to make a hasty getaway," said Clark. "Holly told us she'd been running all night in the woods the day before, away from two men."

Hamilon Cst. Lorraine Edwards said, "We have no information at this time to suggest this is anything criminal in nature related to her disappearance. At this time, we're very hopeful we can locate Holly."

Ellsworth-Clark was a decorated wrestler with the University of Calgary Dinos — winning three gold medals and one silver medal — before graduating from the university in 2016.

Ellsworth-Clark first departed Calgary for Toronto, then Hamilton, in pursuit of a career in music. She played open mic events and worked remotely for a Calgary condo management company.

"She's the kind of person, when you meet her, you instantly feel like you're her friend," said Andrea Lllewellyn, a friend of Ellsworth-Clark's from Calgary who is currently in Hamilton to assist with the search. "Very ambitious — musically, with her career — and always working to improve herself."

Her dad remained hopeful.

"As long as we keep getting leads, we're hopeful," he said. "We're looking for some sign that she's with us."