CALGARY -- The thawing stage from the current deep freeze gripping Calgary won’t start anytime soon and in the meantime, the effects from the frigid weather are leading to many closures across the city.

The Calgary Zoo cancelled their penguin walk on Monday due to the temperatures.

"It’s a little cold, even for the penguins, for sure," said Jamie Dorgan, director of animal care at the zoo.

He said some animals can handle the extreme cold.

"Bactrian camels come from the Gobi Desert, where it gets down to -40 as well," said Dorgan. "So they’re very comfortable, they have their winter coats all ready to go."

Winsport is closing its ski hill until at least Thursday due to the freezing cold. It allows them to make more snow to freshen up the powder on the slopes for when skiers and snowboarders return.

Some people like Mike Mailey at Heritage Park have to work outdoors no matter what the weather.

He is one of the grounds crew in charge of keeping the boardwalks clear.

"I love being outdoors, not sure about the elements some days, better than sitting in an office," said Mailey.

"Keep the boardwalks clean, and the sidewalks clean for our customers and guests. Certainly a priority around here in the winter time."

Temperatures are expected to drop in to the high minus twenties this week, with windchill values hovering around -40.