Visitors to Calgary’s Heritage Park got a special treat for opening day as the historic S.S. Moyie took its first voyage in a year.

The boat had been put into dry dock for the entire 2018 season as city crews worked to upgrade the Glenmore Dam to improve Calgary’s flood resiliency.

To do that, the water level in the reservoir had to be dropped to allow crews to work.

As a result of the boat missing out on the 2018 season, officials at the park say they experienced lower attendance and lower revenue.

By the time the season wrapped up last Thanksgiving, the park had lost $1.2 million.

The S.S. Moyie’s time out of the water last year wasn’t all bad though. Workers were able to conduct a number of repairs to the ship to help it last another lifetime of service.

You can learn more about the S.S. Moyie and buy tickets to Heritage Park on the official website.