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Lethbridge residents embrace curbside organics disposal program

The City of Lethbridge says its curbside organics program will be rolled out to all residents later this year. (Supplied) The City of Lethbridge says its curbside organics program will be rolled out to all residents later this year. (Supplied)

The City of Lethbridge says residents are getting onboard with its green cart program and are recognizing the benefits for their households.

Officials released data from a survey on its curbside organics conducted in fall 2022, saying more than 78 per cent of participants were happy with the service.

The top three things they enjoyed were: environmental benefits, more space in their black cart and being part of a community effort.

Steve Rozee, Lethbridge's waste and recycling manager, says he's glad to see so many people enjoying the service.

"Asking someone to change the way they throw out their garbage is not an easy thing to do," said Rozee in a statement.

"We really wanted to hear from those residents who have been part of the first phase of the program. What did they like, what were the things they think can be improved and what surprised them?"

One of the aims of the curbside organics program was to divert waste from the landfill, but residents also enjoyed the fact they didn't need to take their yard waste to the depot, the city says.

Rozee says the city will be taking the feedback to work on potential improvements. Officials say not many people knew about an additional charge on their property tax bill for curbside organics, so more awareness will be needed.

"What is clear in the feedback of the first phase survey though, is the majority of residents are pleased with the program," he said. "We will consider feedback on potential improvements as we prepare to roll out curbside organics to the rest of the city."

The $5 fee has been waived for the first phase of the roll-out, but it will be added when the service is offered city-wide this spring.

Residents in Lethbridge's remaining single-unit dwellings will receive their carts first, followed by those living in multi-family homes.

Anyone interested in learning more about Lethbridge's curbside organics program can attend an info session at the Enmax Centre on Wednesday between 3 and 7 p.m. or call 311. Top Stories

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