The federal election campaign has been happening everywhere except Alberta but that is about to change as all the major party leaders are set to arrive in Calgary over the next few days.

Calgary is a battleground like never before and a handful of ridings in the city could be in play on Election Day.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper will be in Calgary on Tuesday evening and will stay until after the debate on Thursday.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and NDP head Thomas Mulcair are also on their way here and both believe they have a chance at capturing seats in Calgary.

“It is a shift for them and I think we might see some impact in terms of voter interest and turnout potentially because people who might have in the past not voted at all or perhaps voted strategically, might feel they've got a little more in the way of choices,’ said Lori Williams from Mount Royal University. "It's kind of nice for the voters not to be taken for granted, for them to actually be considered and consulted in this election campaign and for that to happen in Calgary where we haven't had anything but some version of the conservatives."

Harper will be at a rally with several other MPs in the city’s northeast on Tuesday night, Mulcair is at a rally in Calgary-Confederation and Trudeau is expected to arrive to meet with his supporters on Wednesday morning.

The debate will be at Stampede Park on Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

(With files from Chris Epp)