Residents of a northeast trailer park are rallying to help a retiree who lost his trailer and all of his possessions to a Wednesday night fire.

Gordon McIntosh, a 65-year-old retired veteran, lived in the neighbourhood alongside his pet dog and bird. Wednesday night’s fire destroyed his home and claimed the life of his bird. McIntosh and his dog escaped unharmed.

“He just started wailing ‘I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost Sally’,” said Tracy Peters, a Midfield Mobile Home Park resident. “This was a home passed to him when his mom passed away and the bird was his mom’s bird.”

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

According to neighbours, the actions of Eric Richter, who shut off the gas supply, likely prevented extensive damage throughout the park.

“Who would have that presence of mind under that kind of shock to go around the home and turn off the gas,” asked Peters. “Truthfully, Eric saved my home.”

Midfield residents have created a trust fund to help McIntosh in his time of need.

“Not only is it Christmas but this is a very sentimental home and it was a very sentimental pet to him,” said Peters. “My heart just breaks for him.”

The money raised will help McIntosh purchase new clothes, furniture and, eventually, a new home.

“He reached out and helped me when I needed it,” said Kelly Schwab. “I want to do everything I can to help him.”

“People know each other. People care about each other,” adds Rudy Prediger of the sense of community within the park.

McIntosh is currently staying with family members. Donations can be made to the CIBC trust for Gordon McIntosh or through GoFundMe – Father retired vet lost all in fire.

With files from CTV’s Chris Epp