A heartbroken family in Arizona anxiously awaits word from 38-year-old Amanda Hanover who they suspect is currently in Canada and in need of help.

Patricia Schachtner says it’s been nearly two months since she last saw her daughter who continues to suffer from the effects of a violent assault in 2017.

“Towards the end of March, she came over to the house and her dad was here,” said Schachtner in a Skype interview with CTV Calgary. “We had a heart-to-heart talk with her about getting help, getting mental health help.”

“We knew she was struggling with PTSD and we had actually signed her in for 72 hours of observation because she was telling us that people were stalking her and she was seeing people that weren’t there.”

A short time later, Schachtner says Amanda left Arizona, leaving her 11-year-old son and four-year-old daughter behind, without notice.

“Given her mental state and her emotional state and her decision making, I’m really worried.”

According to Schachtner, Amanda has contacted Gavin, her husband who she has filed for divorce from, on several occasions in the weeks that followed but give little insight into her location. The first indication that the chartered professional accountant had made her way to Canada appeared when Gavin received a parking ticket in the mail from Vancouver, B.C. for the vehicle registered in his and Amanda’s name.

Schachtner says her daughter appears to have made her way east after the University of Calgary contacted the family in late April regarding Amanda’s car. “They had been ticketing it in the parking structure. They finally contacted us and said ‘What do we do with the car?’.”

On Tuesday, May 15, the Calgary Police Service was notified of the abandoned vehicle and Amanda’s disappearance. A missing persons case has been opened in Calgary but, according to Schachtner, the Gilbert Police Department in Arizona has not launched an investigation into the disappearance as the 38-year-old left of her own volition.

Schachtner says, despite her daughter’s struggles, Amanda would never abandon her car unless she had no other options.

The family’s attempts to contact Amanda have been unsuccessful and her phone number went dead in early May.

Anyone with information regarding Amanda Hanover’s travels or her current whereabouts is asked to contact the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234 or anonymous tips may be submitted to Crime Stoppers.

With files from CTV's Kathy Le