The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has released a series of videos that answer the most common questions about children with Down syndrome.

The videos provide honest and powerful answers to tough questions, and they come from a source that knows best: people living with Down syndrome.

“It’s very empowering to see people with Down syndrome actually answering questions, especially prospective parents will have on these questions and want to know a lot of things when they receive a determination of Down syndrome,” said Kirk Crowther, Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

The organization took the top 38 questions that are most searched on Google about Down syndrome and answered them in the videos. Paul Sawka has been working at Canadian Down Syndrome Society for the last four years and is a valued member of the team. He also has Down syndrome, and said the videos are important for reaching out to families.

“I would want them to know that we are there for new parents,” he said. “We want everyone to see the ability.”

Crowther said the majority of prospective parents know very little about Down syndrome and can be overwhelmed by the decisions they are faced with.

"Doctors do their best and there are lots of websites offering the medical perspective but they typically use very clinical terms that don't capture the emotional and human side of the Down syndrome story. We wanted to change that,” he said.

The new videos coincide with Canadian Down Syndrome Week that runs until November 7. You can learn more by logging on here.