One man is already waiting outside a store in Calgary and will be one of the first to legally buy marijuana on Wednesday.

Rick arrived at the 420 Premium Market location on MacLeod Trail around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

“I just wanted to come out and beat the rush. I thought there’d be kind of a big lineup starting earlier this evening,” says Rick. “This is the only time this is going to happen in my lifetime. My whole life this is something that’s been against the law. It’s changing tomorrow.”

Ryan Kaye the Vice President of Operations for the 420 Premium Market says they didn’t expect to see someone outside their store in the middle of the afternoon but expects more people to gather as the clock ticks down to be able to legally buy the product.

Kaye says if there is a lot of interest from Calgarians they’re ready.

“We’ve been working with the landlord and the Calgary city police service and we’re ready to do crowd control; if one thousand people show up we’ll be ready for them,” says Kaye.

420 Premium Market is one of two marijuana stores in Calgary that will be allowed to sell marijuana Wednesday.

The other is Nova Cannabis which is also on MacLeod Trail.