The event to celebrate the life and contribution of one of the most famous Canadians in history took place on Sunday in Calgary.

The Terry Fox Run, now in its 38th year, helps to raise money for cancer research and organizers say there are a number of different ways to raise funds.

You can donate online, use a pledge sheet for your family and friends to help out or you can also donate directly at the run itself.

Calgary's event took runners on a course through Fort Calgary and also featured a number of other activities for children, live music and a barbecue for all participants.

The people involved in this year's run say they have a special appreciation of what Fox did for cancer research.

"Terry relapsed and the lung cancer's ultimately what took his life. I relapsed twice as well. Just with the advances made in the medical world, they were able to remove the tumors from my lungs. It's just crazy how many advances they are making in the medical field."

Lethbridge also held a Terry Fox Run on Sunday, and Terry's brother Fred, the manager of support relations for the Terry Fox Foundation, also attended the festivities.

He spoke to people about the impact of his brother's legacy and participated in the run himself. Fred added he was happy to see so many young people involved.

"Terry is a great lesson to kids that anything is possible if you try and Terry truly believed in that, so they learn about Terry and sooner or later, their kids will be participating and keeping Terry's dream alive by raising money for cancer research."

According to the event's website, Calgary's run has already raised over $200,000, the goal set for this year.