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RCMP conducting check stops for National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day


On Saturday Alberta RCMP will be conducting check stop in support of National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day, helping prevent drinking and driving.

“This December, and always, remember to enjoy the holidays responsibly. If you are attending a party, make sure you have a sober ride home, or a safe place to spend the night” said Sgt. Darrin Turnbull.

According to Turnbull, approximately a quarter of the 233 fatal collisions Alberta RCMP responded to involved drugs or alcohol.

“Alberta RCMP also removed 7,573 impaired drivers from Alberta roadways, that’s the equivalent of more than 20 impaired drivers per day,” said Turnbull.

Alberta RCMP are reminding drivers:

  •            Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is never okay. Impaired driving is both criminal and dangerous.
  •            Mandatory Alcohol Screening is used by Alberta RCMP to deter and detect impaired drivers. If you are pulled over or at a check stop, you can expect to provide a breath sample.
  •           Individuals with a Graduated Driver’s Licence must abide by the zero-tolerance law (Government of Alberta, 2023).
  •           Impaired driving is always preventable and can always be avoided. Call a taxi or rideshare service, use a designated driver, or stay the night.
  •           If you are attending a party and have consumed drugs or alcohol, do not drive. Find a safe ride home, or a safe place to spend the night.
  •           Party hosts aren’t off the hook. If your guests have been drinking or using drugs, make sure they have a safe place to stay, or a sober ride home.
  •           Call 911 immediately if you witness or suspect impaired driving.

"Impaired driving is still a leading criminal cause of death in Canada," said National President of Mother Against Drinking Driving (MADD) Tanya Hansen Pratt.

Hansen Pratt says there is always an uptick during the holiday season as “people are celebrating."

"As they're consuming alcohol, they're consuming drugs, whatever it is that they choose to do, that they simply plan ahead and make sure that they have a safe ride." Top Stories

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